• Easy Lift 70-36AJ doing tree work in a park.jpg - 309.45 Ko Easy Lift 70-36AJ tight backyard tree care.jpg - 229.43 Ko 70-36AJ Easy Lift Tree care backyard tree pruning removal.JPG - 134.21 Ko 70-36AJ Easy Lift Backyard Access Tree Care Property mgmt.JPG - 171.91 Ko
    70-36AJ Easy Lift Tree Care Hedge shaping backyard easy to operate.JPG - 178.59 Ko 61-36A spider lift compact tracked Easy Lift atrium outreach tree care pruning trimming hedges removal.JPG - 304.57 Ko
  • Easy Lift 50-28AJ atrium compact tracked spider lift.jpg - 231.53 Ko 51-30AJ spider lift compact tracked Easy Lift property managment narrow door stairway non-marking.jpg - 112.51 Ko 59-30AJ Folded and ready to go.jpg - 297.37 Ko
    70-36AJ Folded and ready to work.jpg - 285.04 Ko 100-47STJ Folded and ready to work.jpg - 201.80 Ko 116-47STJ Folded and ready to go.jpg - 237.81 Ko
  • UP Equip team at TCI Expo 2014.jpg - 394.21 Ko
  • 100-47SJ stairways stabilization.jpg - 244.72 Ko 100-47SJ impossible job without it.jpg - 239.85 Ko
  • 59-30Aj spider lift compact tracked Easy Lift atrium property managment narrow door relamping electric painting contractor.JPG - 176.29 Ko                 Easy Lift 59-30AJ atrium compact tracked spider lift.jpg - 174.35 Ko
  • 70-36AJ Easy Lift Outside atrium stone restoration electricity property management.jpg - 251.47 Ko
  • Several shots from Tree Care Companies who needs to work in tight places
  • Easy Lift atrium compact tracked spider lifts series available in Americas!
  • UP Equip's Team at TCI Expo 2014 in Hartford, CT
  • Stairway stabilization and inspection job performed by the Easy Lift 100-47SJ unit.
  • Electric maintenance and property restauration with the Easy Lift 59-30AJ
  • Stone restoration in a confined outdoor atrium accessible through indoors. Thanks to Atwill-Morin!

Our specialties:

Self-propelled straight big-boom

Self-propelled knuckle big-boom

Atrium compact tracked arachnid lifts

Ideal for working in tight spaces, cramped and difficult to access sites; inside and outside

Our services

Equip is specialized in overall access solutions. We provide our customers with high quality niche lifting equipment and experienced employees to move up safely their crew to hard-to-reach aeras.

Our fleet is composed of atrium compact tracked spider lifts, articulated and straight big-booms that can safely bring people 120 to 150 feet high.  Our fleet is available for equipment rental centers in re-rental mode.

Our specialties:

  • Self-propelled straight boom
    120 to 150'
  • Self-propelled articulated boom
    120 to 150'
  • Atrium compact tracked arachnid lifts
  • Acces equipments repairs and certifications
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